14 things that guests hate when they visit your home

Your guests will never hate coming over your house, especial…

We all invite people over to our houses occasionally and we want them to have the best experience when visiting. We try and make our guests feel as comfortable as possible so we go out of our way to make sure that everything works properly and that their experience is a pleasant one. But sometimes things don’t go as planned and don’t always work. Today we will reveal 14 things that guests could potentially hate about coming to your house—but the good news is that if you know now, you will never let these things happen!

Let us show you.

1. Not knowing where the bathroom is

Guests hesitate to ask where the bathroom is. A good host should never let them ask, but instead, show them where the bathroom is when they come in.

2. Doorbell not working

Doorbells can be frustrating if they don’t work and people could be standing outside for quite some time before you notice that they are waiting to come in. Make sure your doorbell works before you invite anyone over.

3. No place for shoes

If your home has a no-shoe policy then make sure you have a spot for the guests to put them before you ask them to take their shoes off. If it’s cold—you might also like to offer them a pair of slippers. A spot like this is great because it stores the shoes safely away without anyone tripping over them on the way in or out.

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4. Can’t find the toiletries

A bathroom that is especially discreet should always put everything the guests need on display. That goes for soap, towels and even toilet paper. Don’t make them look for it, offer it.

5. Closet is not accessible

Having an open closet for coats, shoes, scarves and handbags is a great idea because your guests can deposit their items there and come back to them for an extra jumper or their handbag if they need it.

6. Which fork is for what?

Socializing over dinner is fun, but sometimes it is best to keep things simple. Rather than display all of your cutlery, stick to the basics. It is important to maintain a level of relaxation so your guests are comfortable in case they forgot which piece of cutlery to use for the salad.

7. Too many things on display

Your house is unique because all the items in it have been carefully chosen and placed there by you. However, you may intimidate some guests if you start showing them every single item that you bought on your holiday to Japan or the ceramic vase you found on your trip through India. Keep your items on display, but don’t over do it for the purpose of showing off. Placing all your precious items out on display may not be such a smart idea, especially if there are kids about…

8. The kitchen is not accessible

Allowing guests to help in the kitchen can be a good ice breaker to make them feel included and at ease. Make sure there is enough space for them to move about if they have offered to help, but also places where they can sit and have a drink to relax.

9. Temperature is too high or too low

The ideal room temperature is the same for everyone. If it’s chilly, remember that your guests may not feel very comfortable with the air conditioning on. Make sure to ask your guests and come to a compromise. In winter, leave blankets ready on the sofas. In summer, open the windows for a nice breeze.

10. The seats are uncomfortable

Not all seats are comfortable for everyone and whilst kids may prefer seats they can easily climb on, people with a sensitive back may want more upright chairs. If you have a variety of chairs, offer the most comfortable seats to the guests with specific needs such as the elderly for example.

11. Intimidated by art

You may have a fervent interest in a painting or a certain type of music, but asking the opinion of your guests can make them uncomfortable. Think twice before asking for views on difficult topics such as your art works.

12. Too noisy

If your dinner has music, create a playlist diverse and fit for the occasion. Keep the music low so that people can hear one another. You can also leave the TV on, but on a reasonable volume.

13. Bless this mess…

If you are dying to show your guests your bedroom, then make sure your bed is made and your bedroom is tidy. We all tend to relax in our private spaces, but keeping things off the floor or at least out of sight is a good idea while the guests are over.

14. Too comfortable?

And finally, if your home is too comfortable, your guests may not want to leave. So make sure that you provide areas in which they can relax in after dinner, so that they have had enough time to unwind before going home.

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