How To Surprise A Cashier At The Supermarket

Are you a confident buyer or do you struggle with coming up to the cashier if you’ve bought something you deem embarrassing? I think we all sometimes do that thing where we try to confuse the cashier by adding random items to our basket in order to hide the embarrassing item. Another tactic is to try and explain to the cashier that whatever weird thing you’re buying is an elaborate joke, or you’re buying it for a friend. But have you ever tried to surprise a cashier at the supermarket on purpose? Here’s a nifty idea. How about filling your basket to the brim with items of the same color? That’s right – give color-coordinated shopping a try. Here’s a few examples to inspire you.

1. All black everything. Cause you’re that cool. Or because you’re channeling your inner Goth

2. A sunny yellow shopping cart will brighten anyone’s day. If you combine it with a second black basket you can roll up to the cashier singing “black and yellow, black and yellow” by Wiz Khalifa. Or alternatively buzzing like a bee.